Marketplace Payment Page

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Tuesday 10 pm – Wednesday 10 pm MT

When The Marketplace is open all members approved for promotions may post their content and advertise their products, brands,

or anything else that falls within the values of The Oppai Squad.

💰 To become approved to post in The Marketplace you must pay a ONE TIME FEE of $5 (US)  to the administration. Click Here

💰 After being added to the approve sellers list you will be allowed 2 active posts during The Marketplace.

💰 To post anytime other than during The Marketplace it will be $3 (US) pay per post.

💰 All approved posts are allowed 24h before comments are closed or post is deleted.

💰 All approved posts must contain ” #oppaiverified ” This will allow us to properly track our approved posts and host events specifically for our Marketplace participants.

💰 Violating group rules may result in permanent removal from the approved sellers’ list.

💰 100% of the funds received will go into community events!


How to waive the ONE TIME FEE?

💰 Show admin you are an owner The Oppai Squad merchandise  ( can be found )

💰 Be a member of OS Spotlight (Invite Only)

One Time Marketplace Fee

[wpecpp name=”OS Approved Seller List” price=”5.00″ width=”full” align=”center”]




Pay Per Post

[wpecpp name=”OppaiApproved” price=”3″ align=”center”]


You may also use cashapp $theoppaisquad

After you have paid please confirm with one of the following:

Dragon The Waifu King


If you have any questions you can also ask in the approved sellers group.

OS Approved Sellers List