Welcome To The Oppai Squad!

(Last Update 12/18/2020.)

Please Read!


This group is a community for lewds and nerd culture. We share lewd images and discuss pop culture topics. The idea is to foster a judgment-free environment so people have a place where they can open up and be themselves. The mods are active and will take action against violations of the rules.


We like lewds but Facebook doesn’t. Your post may be subjected to reports by Facebook bots.

NOTE: If you have an issue with a mod or concerns about the management of the group, please message the Facebook page. It is run by the Lead Administration.



It is ok to be you. You should never be ashamed of your interests. All kinks are accepted here (within reason). You shouldn’t be scared of who you are. Obviously, if it is illegal or morally wrong we won’t stand behind it. Rule of thumb. If it ain’t hurting nobody then you’re good to go.


It rhymes so it works. As a member of The Oppai Squad, it is your responsibility to stand up against shaming and harassment. Not just for females but for everyone. If you don’t do anything to stand up for what is right then you are a part of the problem.


IMPORTANT: To protect the health and safety of the group, Moderators and Administrators reserve the right to remove any content and ban members. Blocking an Administrator or Moderator will result in an immediate banning from the group. Report anyone violating the rules by using the “Report to Admin” feature or tagging a moderator and one will respond as soon as one is able. For questions regarding rules, reach out to a Moderator for information.

RESPECT: Disagreement is NOT disrespect, everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Disrespect is not limited to the feed of the page but also the messages of our members. Lack of respect falls under the following:

    1. Shaming: Do NOT post anything that has the intention to embarrass, humiliate, discredit, or degrade a member or group of people.
    2. Harassment: Do NOT attempt to coerce or pressure members for their content or compliance. Do NOT recruit others into a disagreement in order to stack numbers in your favor. Do NOT create a hostile environment by trolling, falsifying statements of others, refusal to leave someone alone after they have directed you to.
    3. Attacks: Do NOT insult anyone or their opinions with words that demean someone’s intelligence, appearance, or use slurs that are offensive to race, color, sex, gender, national origin, religion, disability, age and sexual orientation. 
    4. Other: Do NOT post content that undermines a person’s death, a tragedy, a person’s mental or physical health.

NUDITY: Images posted on the feed that contain visible full or partial genitalia or female areola and nipples of real people MUST be CROPPED out. This rule applies to see through clothes but NOT silhouettes or impressions through clothing. Censor drawn or animated content that has nudity either by cropping or superimposing images above visible full or partial genitalia or female areola and nipples.

SEXUAL HARASSMENT/SEXUAL ASSAULT: Do NOT make Jokes or threats regarding SH/SA to the group and its members. Only when a post with SH/SA undertones does NOT explicitly condone or promote the act, will it be allowed IF accompanied by a disclaimer mentioning your intention for making the posts was not to normalize or undermine the severity of the actual issues regarding this topic.

ADVERTISEMENT: Do NOT share the following to the group unless cleared by an Administrator:

  1. Outside group pages with the intent to recruit members.
  2. Group chats.
  3. Donation links.
  4. Outside social media accounts.
  5. Promotional personalized content outside of Marketplace Wednesdays.

SHARING POSTS: Feel free to re-share group internal public post from members. You can share public posts from pages with the intent to spark a conversation or display your admiration of the content within the shared posts. Do NOT save and reposts images of our members from any of their social media accounts. Whenever possible, credit the creator of the content you posted if from and outside Facebook source.

IMAGES OF MINORS: Know your own country’s law regarding images depicting minors. 18 U.S. Code § 1466A when applied to pornographic art specifically mentions “depictions” of minors for which the artist has the fluidity to alter from any known established character’s canon age. Inversely, sexualized depictions of canon adult characters as minors would be in violation of this law. Oppai Squad rules in favor of character depictions in content being of legal consenting age unless there are undeniable and blatant signs that it’s a minor being depicted. Allowed artwork that includes depictions of minors only include non-sexualized content. Remember, protect the Loli, do NOT lewd the Loli. If you really have that much of an issue against this law, write to your congressperson get it changed.

GRAPHIC IMAGES: Do to the inability to filter content the following will not type of graphic content will not be allowed:

  1. Gore.
  2. Scat.
  3. Extreme body modifications.

SPAM: Absolutely no SPAM.

SPOILERS: If you must absolutely talk about the plot of an anime, show, book, or game please post a disclaimer as the main body of your post and use the comments to discuss material that contains the spoilers. Use spoiler free images when posting content about the discussion. 

NO SELFIE POSTS: This includes photos of your loved ones and pets. Selfies are only approved on Member’s Weekend and under the requirements of #REPTHESQUAD. Selfies are allowed in the comments. 

NO TEXT ONLY POSTS: This includes the use of a Facebook background for text. All posts must have an image accompanied by or be of an approved shared post. 

  1. SOLICITATION: Do NOT attempt to sell anything unless approved by an administrators first. All sale posts must feature “#OppaiApproved” to notify the OS team that you have been verified. You can only sell content once you are verified sellers and only on Marketplace Wednesdays unless cleared by an administrator through a pay to post. Use the community page feed to advertise, Do NOT directly reach out to members in attempts to make a sale. Do NOT guilt members into purchasing your content. Do not lead members to your DM’s in an attempt to make a sale.

MEET-UPS: For the safety of the members, only Administrators and Moderators can set up in person meet-ups and “Oppai Squad Events”.

NO BAIT POSTS: Post with the intent to draw out the worst in people to include hate, anger, sadness, by use of insulting verbiage or imagery will be removed without warning. 


Currently Runs During The Weekend.
Friday 10pm – Sunday 10pm

On Members day’s we take the time to focus on the people that make up our community. It’s encouraged that you post a picture of yourself or something you like and chat with the community! Also, feel free to use these days to grow your social media following. It is ok to mention you are a model or sex worker but no talk of solicitation will be allowed.

Here are some rules and information you should read before participating in Members Day.

📷 ONLY POST when the group banner changes to say “Member Day!” Due to a lot of time zone differences, This is how we keep member day to the appropriate timeframe.

📷 You may not use any vocabulary that indicates you are selling a product or service. Nor, can you direct people into your private messages to discuss solicitations. Verbiages like “pm me for more, pm me for free lewds, or anything else that can be perceived as a marketing tactic will result in a closure or removal of the post.

📷If you have no interest in Members Day and do not wish to see the content of the day feel free to turn off notifications for the day. Just remember to turn them back on after so you don’t miss the lewds afterward.

📷Feel free to upload yourself, your pets, your dank anime merch collection, your significant other (with permission) and anything else to express yourself within reason. All other rules still apply.

📷Post something about yourself in the description. Just a plain old selfie is boring. If you are interested this would be the best day to run a Q&A.

🎲 POST AT YOUR OWN RISK!🎲 Understand that even if you request people not to save your image it may still happen. Don’t post anything you feel may cause you trouble or damage your reputation. If you are comfortable posting sexy photos go ahead by all means but if something happens outside of this group (example…say your picture gets shared to a Facebook page) we are not liable and will not take any actions.

📷Posting may lead to a rapid influx of friend requests and personal messages. You are free to respond to them or not but stay mindful of your safety. If you are getting contact that you don’t like/want your best bet is to firmly say please stop messaging me or not respond at all. If they don’t stop, block them. If you feel you are being aggressively sexually assaulted please screenshot the incident and report it to an admin or mod. People who harass members will more than likely do it to other members. YOU CAN BE BLOCKED FOR YOUR ACTIONS TO MEMBERS OUTSIDE OF THE GROUP.

📷If you do not wish to receive messages or friend request I suggest placing a disclaimer on your post. Example. “I WILL NOT ACCEPT FRIEND REQUESTS OR REPLY TO ANY MESSAGES” Review your profile security settings if necessary. It is your responsibility to protect yourself.

📷DO NOT SHAME MEMBERS! Nobody shaming, no name-calling, insults, rude comments or bullying. If you don’t like something, scroll past it. WE BAN THE MOST PEOPLE ON MEMBERS DAY!

📷If you get comments you don’t like on your picture your best bet is to ignore them. It is a slippery slope once you begin to feed the trolls. If comments begin to get too toxic then yes, by all means, contact a mod and we will handle it.

📷New Members will not be accepted during Members Day.

📷Please bring this list to the attention of anyone who does not understand Members Day.

📷When Members Day is over we will disable comments on all selfies and delete new ones posted.


Tuesday 10 pm – Wednesday 10 pm MT

When The Marketplace is open all members approved for promotions may post their content and advertise their products, brands,

or anything else that falls within the values of The Oppai Squad.

💰 To become approved to post in The Marketplace you must pay a ONE TIME FEE of $5 (US)  to the administration. Click Here

💰 After being added to the approve sellers list you will be allowed 2 active posts during The Marketplace.

💰 To post anytime other than during The Marketplace it will be $3 (US) per post.

💰 All approved posts are allowed 24h before comments are closed or post is deleted.

💰 All approved posts must contain ” #OppaiApproved ” This will allow us to properly track our approved posts and host events specifically for our Marketplace participants.

💰 Violating group rules may result in permanent removal from the approved sellers’ list.

💰 100% of the funds received will go into community events!

How to waive the ONE TIME FEE?

💰 Show admin you are an owner The Oppai Squad merchandise  ( can be found www.dabnzone.com )

💰 Be a member of OS Spotlight (Invite Only)


We don’t want to limit our members from sharing their love and passion for the community. We are so thankful to you all and we love seeing you represent us. We hope that allowing these posts daily will encourage members to grow closer as a community and feel more involved with the group. Search #REPTHESQUAD in our group to see our community contributions. 

We are also holding monthly giveaways for those who participate in #REPTHESQUAD!

Rules –

  1. #REPTHESQUAD must be tagged on your posts. If it is not, we will remove it. The hashtag alone doesn’t count. You must also have qualifying content in your post. If you make a post with only the hashtag and no content, we will also remove it.
  2. The Oppai Squad must be a primary theme of your #REPTHESQUAD post.
  3. ONE #REPTHESQUAD post per 24 hours. We will delete multiple posts made by the same person if we see them. You can delete your post and add a new one if you wish.
  4. Reusing #REPTHESQUAD images is not allowed. Every post must be original for the competition. You may post these images again on member’s day without #repthesquad.
  5. ALL other group rules still apply.


These are currently the only types of posts accepted under #REPTHESQUAD

  •  Fan signs (digitally edited fan signs will not be accepted) (1 point per fan sign)
  •  Paperowii (picture with or of a cutout image of our mascot) (1 point per photo)
  •  Original Squad memes (1 point)
  •  Pictures rocking Squad Merch (1 point)
  •  Videos/GIFs rocking Squad Merch (3 points)
  •  Livestreams that display Squad Merch (3 points)
  •  Fanart of Erowii/Members (3 points) 
  •  Fan-made content such as Music videos, animations, skits about the squad. (3 points)
  •  Cosplay of our mascot Erowii (5 points) 

The point system is fluid. Bonus points may be given for creativity.

Check the announcements for the monthly rewards!

Visit our mascot gallery at www.theoppaisquad.com/erowii (Under Construction)

repthesquad examples