Welcome to The Oppai Squad!

(Last Update 11/04/2019.)

Please Read!

This website is a community for lewd loving individuals. We share lewd images and discuss lewd topics. The idea is to foster a judgment-free environment so people have a place where they can open up and be themselves. The mods are active and will take action against violations of the rules.


Remember the internet can be a crazy place. Never share anything online you think may damage you in the future.

NOTE: If you have an issue with a mod or concerns about the management of the group, please message the facebook page. It is ran by the Lead Admins. 




It is ok to be you. You should never be ashamed of your interests. All kinks are accepted here (within reason). You shouldn’t be scared of who you are. Obviously, if it is illegal or morally wrong we won’t stand behind it. Rule of thumb. If it ain’t hurting nobody then you’re good to go.


It rhymes so it works. As a member of The Oppai Squad, it is your responsibility to stand up against shaming and harassment. Not just for females but for everyone. If you don’t do anything to stand up for what is right then you are a part of the problem.




IMPORTANT: If you need help or you see someone breaking the rules TAG A MOD/ADMIN we can not help you and you can not expect us to know everything that happens if you don’t bring it to our attention. List of mods/admins in group description. Blocking a mod/admin will get you banned!

  1. NO SHAMING. No rude comments or insults of any kind. Expressing your opinion in a respectful manner on a subject is fine but please do not direct your feelings towards other members. Don’t be an ass. Violations can lead to suspension or permanent ban from the community.
  2. RESPECT THE MEMBERS. Don’t pressure members for nudes. Don’t harass people in comments, posts or PMs. If someone asks you to leave them alone, do it. Don’t use racial slurs, homophobic slurs, etc. Causing intentional grief to members can lead to suspension or permanent ban from the community.
  3. NO MINORS. Anyone under the age of 18 cannot be posted or be a member of this group.
  4. NO PROMOTION OF SEXUAL HARASSMENT. Sexual harassment is not a joke and should not be treated as one.
  5. NO SPAM. Spam will be removed on-site and can lead to a ban from the group.
  6. NO ILLEGAL ACTIVITY. Any and all suspected illegal activity will be investigated and participants are subject to removal from the community. 


We reserve the right to remove content or ban members if we believe it is necessary for the safety and health of the community.

Community Feed

The Community feed is a site-wide timeline feature where all members can interact with each other’s public posts. To keep the community safe and reasonably comfortable for the general membership we have a list of restrictions to the Community Feed that must be followed. 

These posts may be deleted immediately without warning and could lead to a suspension or ban.

Groups Containing any of this content MUST be set to CLOSED or SECRET.


🚫 Gore/Scat/Urine/Vomit/Death or any other disturbing imagery.

🚫 Pirated content – meaning any content which has been deliberately and knowingly stolen from the artist and reproduced without permission.

🚫 Posts promoting sexual harassment/assault. Anime/Hentai/Porn with these themes are permitting but may be removed at admin/mods discretion. Fetish topics of this kind are permitted as long as they imply that actions are consensual. Posts that promote these acts in real life (even as a joke) are strictly forbidden.

🚫 Deliberate Bait/Troll posts. If the post serves no purpose but to bring out the worst in people it will be deleted.

🚫 Posts referring to any transfolk as traps, shemales, futas, or trannies, as these are seen as transphobic slurs within the trans community.

 We want everyone to feel safe and accepted, kinky fetishes and all. We hope you’ll all help us keep this place as awesome and lewd as we know you want it to be. 



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