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(Last Update 12/20/2020.)

Please Read!

This website is a community for lewd loving individuals. We share lewd images and discuss lewd topics. The idea is to foster a judgment-free environment so people have a place where they can open up and be themselves. The mods are active and will take action against violations of the rules.


Remember the internet can be a crazy place. Never share anything online you think may damage you in the future.



It is ok to be you. You should never be ashamed of your interests. All kinks are accepted here (within reason). You shouldn’t be scared of who you are. Obviously, if it is illegal or morally wrong we won’t stand behind it. Rule of thumb. If it ain’t hurting nobody then you’re good to go.


It rhymes so it works. As a member of The Oppai Squad, it is your responsibility to stand up against shaming and harassment. Not just for females but for everyone. If you don’t do anything to stand up for what is right then you are a part of the problem.



IMPORTANT: To protect the health and safety of the group, Moderators and Administrators reserve the right to remove any content and ban members. Blocking an Administrator or Moderator will result in an immediate banning from the group. Report anyone violating the rules by using the “Report to Admin” feature or tagging a moderator and one will respond as soon as one is able. For questions regarding rules, reach out to a Moderator for information.

RESPECT: Disagreement is NOT disrespect, everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Disrespect is not limited to the feed of the page but also the messages of our members. Lack of respect falls under the following:

    1. Shaming: Do NOT post anything that has the intention to embarrass, humiliate, discredit, or degrade a member or group of people.
    2. Harassment: Do NOT attempt to coerce or pressure members for their content or compliance. Do NOT recruit others into a disagreement in order to stack numbers in your favor. Do NOT create a hostile environment by trolling, falsifying statements of others, refusal to leave someone alone after they have directed you to.
    3. Attacks: Do NOT insult anyone or their opinions with words that demean someone’s intelligence, appearance, or use slurs that are offensive to race, color, sex, gender, national origin, religion, disability, age and sexual orientation.
    4. Other: Do NOT post content that undermines a person’s death, a tragedy, a person’s mental or physical health.

SEXUAL HARASSMENT/SEXUAL ASSAULT: Do NOT make Jokes or threats regarding SH/SA to the group and its members. Only when a post with SH/SA undertones does NOT explicitly condone or promote the act, will it be allowed IF accompanied by a disclaimer mentioning your intention for making the posts was not to normalize or undermine the severity of the actual issues regarding this topic.

IMAGES OF MINORS: Know your own country’s law regarding images depicting minors. 18 U.S. Code § 1466A when applied to pornographic art specifically mentions “depictions” of minors for which the artist has the fluidity to alter from any known established character’s canon age. Inversely, sexualized depictions of canon adult characters as minors would be in violation of this law. Oppai Squad rules in favor of character depictions in content being of legal consenting age unless there are undeniable and blatant signs that it’s a minor being depicted. Allowed artwork that includes depictions of minors only include non-sexualized content. Remember, protect the Loli, do NOT lewd the Loli. If you really have that much of an issue against this law, write to your congressperson get it changed.

SPAM: Absolutely no SPAM.

MEET-UPS: For the safety of the members, only Administrators and Moderators can set up in person meet-ups and “Oppai Squad Events”.

NO BAIT POSTS: Post with the intent to draw out the worst in people to include hate, anger, sadness, by use of insulting verbiage or imagery will be removed without warning.

NO ILLEGAL ACTIVITY.  Suspected illegal activity can lead to investigation and participants are subject to removal from the community.

Community Feed

The Community feed is a site-wide timeline feature where all members can interact with each other’s public posts. To keep the community safe and reasonably comfortable for the general membership we have a list of restrictions to the Community Feed that must be followed.

These posts may be deleted immediately without warning and could lead to a suspension or ban.

Groups Containing any of this content MUST be set to CLOSED or SECRET.

🚫 Gore/Scat/Urine/Vomit/Death or any other disturbing imagery.

đźš« Graphic Loli content.

We want everyone to feel safe and accepted, kinky fetishes and all. We hope you’ll all help us keep this place as awesome and lewd as we know you want it to be.


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